July 6, 2022

My extraordinary-ordinary life

My life became so upside-down since becoming a mum for the third time! My baby boy was born in March and since then we started our new journey as a family of 5 (three children + mama and papa ;). People constantly ask me: how is it to be a mum to three children?!? And I think they’re more petrified by the mere idea of having so many children than me actually having them. I so clearly remember asking my friend (a mum to 4 children) the very same question. That was 7 years ago! I wouldn’t think back then that we’ll decide to have a bigger family. Life is fascinating.

We’re slowly out and about, so new travel stories and recommendations to follow from September. Meanwhile, we enjoy our extraordinary-ordinary life, so simple and so rich.

Have a lovely summer, let’s squeeze the best of it 🙂