July 5, 2023

Travelling corner: Our first camping as a family of 5

Oh yes, this was exciting to plan and to actually experience it. We went camping when I was pregnant two years ago, but didn’t use our tent at all last year. So this year we got so excited by the idea of camping and sharing the tent space as a family of 5.


We chose a similar location that we travelled to 5 years ago when I was pregnant with our middle daughter. It felt really emotional to be back there. We decided to go to a NT campsite in Lansallos in Cornwall. It’s beautifully located next to a sheep field, an old church, and many birds flying around (in May!). What’s truly amazing about this campsite is that there is no major road nearby. What a treat to wake up to the sounds of birds and sheep and nothing else!

How long

We decided to go for 4 days, just enough to explore the local area and still enjoy the campsite life. We still needed to take many things, e.g. nappies, many different-weather clothes, blankets, pillows, etc., but not so many toys and books (one book and a few small toys per child).


We cook our meals while camping, so we pre-prepared our simple menu beforehand. We had porridge for breakfast, bread and beans for lunch and pasta for dinner (obviously all those meals with different extras). On top of that, snacks and fresh veggies and fruit. To be honest with you, I loved this simplicity and repetitiveness, so when we came back, we enjoyed cooking that was a bit more sophisticated (!).


From the campsite, there are many walking paths: towards Polperro (a small fishing village) or to Polruan (from there, you can take a boat to Fowey). What a choice!


The Lansallos beach is a 20-minute walk from the campsite. It’s a beautiful, wild beach with its very own waterfall. Having a splash under the waterfall felt so refreshing and invigorating. Worth a try!

Simple life

Camping always reminds me of the simple life that humans used to have or still have somewhere in the world. You need to walk to get some water, wash the dishes or visit a toilet. It’s a beautiful way to connect with nature and admire its beauty. This year, we barely had any plans for our weekend; we went with the flow of each day and that felt so liberating.

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Have you been camping this year? Where to? Please let me know in the comments below.