September 7, 2022

Travelling corner: summer 2022 in family-friendly Bristol

It’s September. Welcome back! I wrote about some of my favourite places we kept visiting this summer for you. They’re family-friendly places, but can be visited by adults too.

Miniature Railway in Ashton Court

We had such a fun time! Me (and my family) enjoyed all the miniature railway rides so much that we returned to this place many times over the summer. I learned about this place from my friend, and she also learned about it by word of mouth. As one of the team members said, it’s one of the best kept secrets of Bristol 😉 So worth a visit!


Many of my friends recommended this place, but somehow we never visited it. Until this year! What a beautiful space, and so much fun for the children. My friend said it’s her new ‘happy place’ and I called it my new ‘secret garden’. It definitely brought lots of joy to our lives this summer.

The zoo

This is more a tribute to this place, as the zoo is now permanently closed, and will be moved to the Wild Place Project. I first visited the zoo when I was still a uni student, and later returned to it regularly with our children. I understand the logic that animals will have more space in the Wild Place Project, but I will miss this cosy zoo in the centre of Clifton.

What have you discovered this summer in Bristol? Please let me know in the comments below.