Kinga MacallaI’m Kinga and I currently live in Bristol, UK. I was born in Poland and then shortly lived in the Czech Republic. I love learning languages, getting to know different cultures and being among linguistically and culturally diverse communities. I currently speak Polish, English and Czech, with some elementary knowledge in French and Russian. Out of this linguistic passion, I founded a language school in August 2012, with 17 foreign languages available as individual tuition, all taught by an amazing team of language tutors. I’m a mum to two daughters who are currently raised bilingually in Polish and English. As a family of 4, we travel frequently, either on foot, by bike or using other means of transportation. We mostly spend our travelling days in natural settings, with an art gallery visit from time to time. In the evening, you’d probably catch me reading a book, a learning habit I cherish. This blog is being created to inspire me to live my life better, be more creative, to have a space to reflect on my learning journey and as a reminder to follow my dreams. I hope you’ll find your inspiration here, too. A very warm welcome to all!