April 17, 2024

Travelling corner: Exploring South Pembrokeshire (Wales, UK)

I like returning to South Pembrokeshire in Wales. It has some therapeutic effect on my body and mind. Our favourite beaches and spots we enjoy visiting are all there. Last summer, we wanted to explore this region even more and I’d like to share some of our travel stories with you today. Perhaps you can use them as an inspiration for the coming warmer weather.

Bosherston Lily Ponds

I wanted to go for a walk around the Bosherston Lakes for a while, but somehow I thought it’s a long walk and might be too strenuous for my kids’ little feet to complete. I was surprised that the walk actually takes only about 30 minutes one way! It’s an easy path along the lily ponds with a beautiful destination point: Broad Haven South Beach. There is a NT car park in the village of Bosherston.

Carew Castle

We like visiting castles in summer and last year we chose Carew Castle. To be honest with you, I was positively surprised by this visit. The castle is nicely restored, with a café, small playground and toilets at the entrance. In the castle itself, there are many rooms to visit, towers to climb, and you can even try your archery skills. On top of that, the castle hosts events and last summer we attended a fairy event, which my girls enjoyed a lot. We also went for a walk to the tidal mill where we visited a well-equipped museum with a little play area for children with an authentic quern and seeds to make flour.

Caldey Island

What a paradise island to visit. We parked our car in Tenby, walked to the harbour and sailed in a little boat to Caldey Island. It is an island of monks, wild nature, interesting architecture and locally-made chocolate. Just walking around the island feels so surreal and magically beautiful, and these impressions come from both nature and the surrounding buildings. To end our island stay, we went to the beach to enjoy the shallow seashore and lagoon waters. Even though there were many people in the sea, we spotted a seal swimming nearby.

Do you have a favourite travel destination you enjoy returning to? Please let me know in the comments below.