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March 9, 2022

Travelling corner: Weekend with the kids in Wales

We planned this weekend forgetting that precisely two years ago we were here, too! I knew we had visited this place in the past, but didn’t know we came here the same month, and to the exact same location. What a coincidence! And both times, we didn’t have the best weather, but it’s winter, so we accept it’s windy, rainy, foggy and cloudy!

The Mumbles

We decided to stay in The Mumbles, it’s a small town just outside Swansea. It has a pier, café, playgrounds, walking paths and beaches. Just perfect for a family weekend away!


We visited a waterpark in Swansea and we all enjoyed our time there. It’s a family-friendly swimming pool, with slides, waves, bubbles, etc. What’s more, in the same building there is a café, soft-play area and a climbing wall.

(Play) Cafes

We visited Cafe Play Mumbles two years ago and our daughters had a nice time there, but this year we went to Boo’s Kitchen (which my daughter read as boob’s kitchen: also nice!). The café is on one of the quieter side streets of The Mumbles. It has a really nice family-friendly vibe and delicious food options. As it was a Sunday morning, it was quite busy!


The Gower Peninsula has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful beaches. I really wanted to finally visit the Three Cliffs Beach, but the weather wasn’t the best for making the effort. Especially that two years ago, we attempted to go to Rhossili Beach and it was so rainy and windy that we could barely walk and enjoy this long stretch of sand (please read the story here). Instead, this time, we visited more local beaches (for us!): Limeslade Bay and Langland Bay.


We went for a relaxing walk to the pier in The Mumbles. We also visited Limeslade Bay and Langland Bay. In Langland Bay there is a small pebble beach and the pebbles make this amazing clicking sound when the waves move away. Also, there is a small café (with a real fireplace), just something you may so appreciate when it suddenly starts raining (as it did in our case!).

Where do you travel with your children for the weekend? Please share your recommendations in the comment box below.

March 11, 2020

Travelling corner: A day on the most beautiful beach (with kids!)

We went to Wales to finally visit Rhossili Beach which is often ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. To give you some context, I’ll add that we went there with our two daughters. It was winter. Cold, windy, rainy… you know the weather (just ideal for a day trip to the most beautiful beach)?!

We arrived there mid-morning and our older daughter (5-y-o) wanted to go for a walk, but our younger girl (15 mnths) wanted to sleep. The youngest didn’t welcome the walking idea well; she was crying loudly. All of a sudden, the sun was out, so I quickly took some (3!) pictures (when travelling with kids and taking photos, it almost feels like having an analogue not a digital camera, you often have just one shot, done!). My youngest was still crying, so I decided to carry her (yes, the photo-shooting is gone and the sun, too!). We’re walking with a very unhappy child who is underdressed and without a hat… After 30 minutes of walking, we decided to go back to the local café, The Lookout, to warm up. It’s warm, cosy and it felt good to enjoy some quieter time after all the crying. Then my oldest daughter wanted to go to the toilet. There is no toilet in the café, so back to the carpark (and to the toilet) we went. After that we decided to see the beach. Meanwhile, our youngest was asleep and it started raining. Greg (my husband) decided to go back to the car with the girls while I continued walking in the rain to take some pictures (again 3 shoots max!). I rushed back to the car to see that my youngest had woken up and was unhappy, and my oldest felt kind of sick. We waited in the car for a bit, as it was super windy, then we slowly went home (we had to stop after 15 minutes, because somebody didn’t feel so well…). Yes, that’s the beauty of travelling with kids. But hey, the beach is truly spectacular!

What special place have you recently visited with your kids? Please let me know in the comments below.

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